The Push for Writers

Midnight Omen Productions provides keynote speakers for writing seminars


Writing has become one of the hottest new careers of our time. Perhaps that’s due in large to the high demand for social media content and internet business. But we think it’s more — the passion for writing has created a “beefed up” industry that begs for quality talent.


According to the Association of American Publishers, the demand for books has increased in 2016.

Association of American Publishers member Doce Blant Publishing

That tells us that people still love to read.

People also love movies!

Kevin Du Toit Film


We have experience, through credited screenwriters who have successfully taken novel-to-screenplay, and placed them with interested producers in Hollywood. These experts are willing to share their story and the secrets to writing great screenplays. They are available to be your keynote speaker for your next event.

Book signings and public events are still popular in communities. Panel discussions and seminars give support to new and established authors. There are so many opportunities to get out and just talk to people. Look at the book clubs and how they’ve flourished.

Have you considered including a writer in your next event? We have many experienced writers willing to share their time with you. Please contact us for your next event and let us bring an amazing presenter to help create engagement, excitement, and increased participation with your next event.

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